Magic Lock Gold - LPG Gas Leakage Protection - Life Time Warranty with 50 Lac Insurance and 10% Gas Saving

Features & Benefits

• Auto Shut off Facility for Normal Gas Leakage.

• Minor Gas Leakage Detection. • Saves Gas 10-15% • Free Product Liability Insurance up to 0.50Cr.*

• LIFE TIME guarantee.

• Horizontal & Vertical Models

Variants *
Rs. 999
FREE Delivery in India

Five ways in which MAGIC LOCK DC(MLDC) makes your kitchen safer.

1. MLDC’s has a Gas Pressure Device Inside Hose pipe to monitor the pressure inside the LPG cylinder

2. This Device helps to keep your kitchen safe by automatically cutting off the gas in case the pressure drops.

3. MLDC is designed to detect any leakages from LPG cylinder- tube, stove and burner.

4. Cut off the gas supply in case the pressure regulator fitted on the cylinder fails for whatever reasons.

5. Safety Device Magic Lock DC comes in two models for your convenience– horizontal and vertical which can be fitted on your LPG cylinder or Gas Pipe Line.


Safety & Quality Assurance


• ISO 9001:2015 process

• TM Received.

• CE Certification..... in process.

If one notices the LPG cylinder,it comes with a valve connecting to the LPG regulator.This regulator,in turn,connects to the stove via a pipe and is in charge of reducing gas pressure inside the cylinder.what it lacks is a safety device to avoid danger due to possible gas leak or fire occurrence. This is where SAFETY DEVICE MAGIC LOCK DC(MLDC) appears,like a is indeed the perfect device to keep a lookout for gas leakage before it gets too late.

House becomes a home when your loved ones live in it. Nothing should ever threaten the sanctity of your home, least of all gas leakages that can lead to dangerous accidents. At MAGIC LOCK DC we made a promise to create innovative products of highest quality that will make kitchens safer and help prevent LPG leakage accidents.


What is LPG?

• LPG is an abbreviation for LPG is an abbreviation for 'Liquefied Petroleum Gas’.

• This is a general description of Propane (C3H8) and Butane (C4H10) and either stored separately or together as a mix and some hydrocarbons.

What are the sources of Gas Leakage?

• Inside the valve of the Cylinder

• At the Regulator

• On the Tube

• On or Off Gas Stove Controller Switch

• Inside or close to the Burner Nozzle

Why are gas cylinders potentially dangerous?

A full Cylinder has 14.2kg of LPG that is 1 Kg of Liquefied Petroleum which is converted into 500 liters of Gas (1.87 to 26.5 let). When this 500 liters of Gas mix with Oxygen it increases its power by 50 times

I.e. 500 liters x 50 times = 25,000 liters of Explosive making it potentially dangerous.

What leads to Gas Cylinder related accidents?

The cylinder doesn't blast until the Gas inside leaks out and spreads everywhere. This creates a dangerous situation in which even a small fire, spark or even switching on mobile phone can trigger a blast.